DIY Workshop - Grow Your Own Mushrooms

DIY Workshop - Grow Your Own Mushrooms

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Contents of workshop:

* Introduction to Mushrooms
* What are mushrooms
* Benefits of eating mushrooms
* Types of mushrooms
* Basics of Mushroom: Cultivation Temperature, Humidity, Ventilation, Hygiene
* Infrastructure Set up : Everything required to set up the mushroom farm (Small or big)
* Raw material collection : From straw to spawn to bags
* Maintaining the essentials : Temperature, Humidity, Ventilation, Hygiene
* Steps of Mushroom Cultivation : Sterilization, Spawning,
Incubation, Fruiting, Harvesting
* Post Harvest - Fresh, Dried and various techniques by-product options
* Practical Class - Spawning and harvesting

By the end of the workshop you will be contained by the knowledge and skill of becoming a mushroom grower.

About Monika: As one of the leading producers and entrepreneurs of mushrooms in Delhi NCR Digital Marketer by education and profession, Monika spent enormous amount of time researching about the cultivation of mushrooms. Many months of Internet research and talking to endless people lead her to Entrepreneurs training at Directorate of Mushrooms Research, Solan, Himachal Pradesh and what followed thereafter made a lot of room for mushroom in her life. She currently grows a few varieties of mushrooms at her farm in Badshahpur Village, near the bustling Sohna Road of Gurgaon. In terms of manpower, she works equivalent to any other farm-worker. In due course of time, she plans to create a more inclusive work environment by hiring people with hearing and sound disabilities and train them with skills to be financially independent. Through this workshop she intends to bring her experience of mastering mushroom cultivation and becoming an entrepreneur.

Note: On the spot registration is also available.