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About Us

Who are we?

Formerly Green The Gap, Green the Map is the fair trade arm of Swechha, a Delhi-based social organization. At Swechha, we aim to inspire, create and support - a just, equitable and sustainable society, for everyone and forever. The journey of Green the map started in the year 2009 and we have been extracting the best out of waste since.

So, here is a quick story to sum up the inception of Green the Gap, now Green the Map.

Vimlendu Jha, the face behind the enterprise was shooting a documentary called Disposable on the
unacknowledged but extremely pressing issue of urban waste and its blind disposal in the already
overflowing landfills of Delhi. Furthermore, there is a section of our very own society that is doing our
job by sorting the waste created by us. Despite being the real environmentalists, the presence and efforts
of rag pickers and waste collectors are neither recognized nor awarded. So, the numerous tetra paks,
chips packets, milk packets and cans that we dispose off everyday without a second thought actually end
up polluting not just the air, water and land but also the lives of these people and communities.

So the question- “Could there be more to waste than just the landfill?’ led to the beginning of Green-ing the Map.


No, we don’t directly extract the waste out of landfill. But we work with the waste collectors and scrap dealers across the city to collect the waste and upcycle it. We use tyre tube, juice cartons, milk packets, beer cans, chips packets and almost everything that has been thrown away to give it a new life in the form of accessories, stationary and items of home décor. Nothing is wasted.


Stay upcycled